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The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has retained its crown as New Zealand’s most popular plug-in hybrid SUV, with total sales topping 1,000 mark in November.

The milestone sales figure four years after the model was launched in New Zealand and four months since Mitsubishi introduced a new pricing strategy for the PHEV model. The new Outlander PHEV VRX now retails for $8,000 less than the previous top-of-the-range model, a move that brought PHEV pricing in line with many traditional petrol- and diesel-powered SUV competitors.

“By bringing the cost of the new PHEV VRX in line with a number of petrol and diesel equivalents on the market, we have been able to offer real choice to Kiwi motorists looking to join the EV revolution,” said Mitsubishi Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Reece Congdon. “We didn’t want price to be a barrier and we are seeing increased interest as a result.”

Price wasn’t a barrier for Wellington-based business owner Simon Werry, who ditched his petrol SUV in November to became New Zealand’s 1,000th Outlander PHEV owner.

“When I saw the new PHEV being advertised at such a great price, it was a done deal,” said Werry. “It feels powerful, drives well and tows a trailer no problem.”

Simon, whose first-ever car was a Mitsubishi, had been looking at EV options for some time and wanted a vehicle with enough room to comfortably fit a family of five.

Simon Werry. Photo / Mitsubishi NZ

“I see it as a win-win. I’m reducing my environmental impact and supporting a company that’s investing in more sustainable technology,” said Werry. 

“I’m still on my first tank of gas [with the PHEV] and I’ve had it for almost a month.” 

“I drive between home in the Hutt and our three cinemas in Petone, Pauatahanui and Wellington. The only time I’ve needed to use petrol was when I forgot to charge the battery!”

“Kiwis have a longstanding affection for the Outlander badge; the PHEV model was the first plug-in hybrid SUV in New Zealand and, ever since its launch in 2014, it has remained the most popular vehicle in its class,” said Congdon.

“EV infrastructure has come a long way since we originally launched Outlander PHEV. By the same stroke, the vehicle itself has undergone continued development to improve its EV range and performance. We are confident the next 1,000 milestone will arrive much quicker than the first.”

The Outlander PHEV’s drivetrain features two electric motors that deliver a range of 54km and a 2.0-litre petrol engine. More than 150,000 Outlander PEVs have been sold globally.

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