Mercedes-Benz X-Class, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi L200, Volkswagen Amarok, & Toyota Hilux Race In Diesel Action

Watch five diesel-powered pickup trucks line up for a drag, rolling, and braking race.

This isn’t what you’d normally think of in a drag race. Instead of big V8-powered muscle cars, we have a collection of diesel-powered mid-size pickups. And not all of them are North American too: we’ve got two Germans, two Japanese, and one American pickup competing here.

You could call it a redneck drag race, but no self-respecting redneck would be caught dead in 4 out of 5 of these trucks.

It’s also not much of a fair fight. The Volkswagen Amarok is coming in its best form, which is a 3.0-L V6 diesel with 221 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. That’s not a lot in absolute terms, but it’s better than any of the rest of them.

The Ford Ranger in its European form comes with a 2.2-L turbodiesel with 160 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque. The Mitsubishi L200 has a larger 2.4-L turbodiesel with 178 hp and 317 lb-ft. Our second German, the Mercedes X-Class, has 161 hp and 297 lb-ft from a 2.3-L turbodiesel, while the lowly Toyota Hilux has but a 2.4-L naturally aspirated inline 4-cylinder diesel with just 150 hp and 300 lb-ft.

All of these pickups seem to have a 6-speed automatic transmission, not that it really matters.


Thanks to its massive horsepower advantage, the Amarok is the clear favorite of any race. We should note that all the other pickups have more powerful engine options, and most even have more powerful diesel options. We can only assume that Carwow managed to gather these 5 trucks for a race at the last minute.

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But it’s still fun to watch 5 pickups slowly pull off the line.

As expected, the Amarok is the winner of the ¼-mile drag race, finishing in just 16.5 seconds. The X-Class came in second at 18.5 seconds, the L200 in third at 18.7 seconds, the Ranger in fourth at 19.2 seconds, and the Hilux in last at 19.6 seconds.

Things are mostly the same in the rolling race, although the L200 managed to sneak by the X-Class for second place, while braking reveals that the Amarok can stop just as quickly as it starts, followed by the X-Class, Ranger, L200, and finally, the Hilux.

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